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Beardo Volume Five - "The Miracle of Creation"


Now available for pre-order (ships in September 2016), this fifth volume is set to be released on the TEN year anniversary of Beardo! And boy, a lot has changed since we first met our fresh-faced, green-aproned, aspiring artist. He's a full blown freelance illustrator making the transition to being

a first-time father, and his greatest creation is making it hard to get anything done! Between dirty diapers, lactation classes, sweaty deadlines and childbirth, this book explores every aspect of its

title: The Miracle of Creation!


Limited Time Offer - The Complete Beardo Series

In celebration of the Ten Year Anniversary of Beardo, we're offering a special package deal for all five books at nearly 30% off! Now you can read the whole series the way it was meant to be experienced, as these books are the only chronological presentation of this award-winning comic strip. Follow Beardo over 750 pages as he goes from coffeehouse barista to freelance illustrator to husband to father, with every slice-of-life

punchline he can find along the way!







Beardo Volume One -"The Art Degree Guarantee"


What do you do with a degree in art? Move to the city, sling coffee, and - most importantly - grow a beard.


See where it all began in this first collection of the back-to-back Shel Dorf Award winner for Syndicated Print Strip of the Year!



Beardo Volume Two - "Brew Harder!"


Making it as an artist isn't easy. Just ask Beardo, a coffeehouse barista who is all too aware that life doesn't go as planned. In times like these, it's best to appreciate the little things. Like having a sense of humor. And more importantly, having an awesome beard.


Packed with witty observations and jokes about work, love, and everything in between, this second collection is a must-have for fans of Beardo.





Beardo Volume Three - "'Till Debt Do Us Part"


Our hairy hero is finally taking the plunge, both in his love life and his work life. Between planning a wedding, quitting his day job and pursuing his dream job, Beardo is feeling growing pains from nearly every direction. Lucky for him, growing a beard is painless!


One of the author's favorite collections, volume three features the first appearance of Whiskers the Drinking Cat, the infamous pie-chart chronicling an average Self-Employed Artist Work Day, and the wedding of Beardo and Meg!


Beardo Volume Four - "Self-Employee of the Month"


Finding the punchline in everyday life is easy, but finding time to have a life is another story! The hilarity continues with our workaholic newlyweds as they tackle self-employment, bills and trying to make a bouncing bearded baby of their own.







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