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Bad Ideas Full Album Digital Download

Bad Ideas Full Album Digital Download


For those of you who want to listen on the go, this is the full BAD IDEAS album as mp3 files! Upon purchase you will be sent a zip file filled with the following:

- the full ten songs of the album, clocking in at 47 minutes!

- a BONUS track (No One Fights You Like A Man) only available for orders before December 31st!

- The album art, which includes the front and back cover as well as the insert sheet that has art from Dan Dougherty, lyrics and credits.


I hope you will enjoy experiencing one of my proudest accomplishments not only as a musician, but as an artist. This album pulls from my best material to date and was recorded in an environment that allowed me to fully realize the potential of these songs without worrying about budget or time constraints. I have songs that reflect my love of taut and lean rock and roll (Follow That Man, Not Guilty), songs that are catchy as hell (Bad Ideas, This Land Is Cursed) and even songs that I wrote about love and fatherhood (Ready To Play, The One). It's my most personal album to date, and I couldn't have done it without my friends Anthony Bartkowiak (bass), Bret Figura (drums, percussion), Steve Ashum (guest musician on keys), Marco Pellillo (guest musician on keys), Bill Aldridge (who recorded, mixed and mastered the album) and a lot of friends who did gang vocals on Try It Again.  


Thank you to all of them, and to you for supporting original music.



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