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Beardo/Touching Evil Challenge Coin!

Beardo/Touching Evil Challenge Coin!


Here it is: the Beardo/Touching Evil Challenge Coin! Measuring at 1.25" and beautifully made on black metal, this coin is a cool collectible that lets people know you're part of the Beardo Brigade, AKA my super fans! It has a fun drinking game attached to it should you opt to play! 


For those who don't know, here's how the game works: Coin Holder A challenges Coin Holder B by presenting their coin in person. If B cannot produce their coin in that moment, they buy a round of drinks for anyone in the vicinity who has a Beardo Challenge Coin. If B CAN produce the coin, then Person A who challenged them has to buy the round! You can tailor the rules to the people involved if booze ain't your thing as long as everyone's on board, it's supposed to be a fun way to bring the "Beardo Brigade" together so have fun with it!


When you purchase this coin, you will be sent a message by me that asks if you want to be put on the Coin Club list. If you answer yes, you'll get a password that allows you access to a secret page on my site that not only has the list of registered coin carriers, but also special behind the scenes stuff, coupons and special deals, and the option to pre-order things before they are made available to the public! Cool, huh?

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