BEARDO Volume 5: The Miracle of Creation

BEARDO Volume 5: The Miracle of Creation

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The much-anticipated FIFTH volume of this award-winning series is now available! This final entry into the Beardo series is all about the wonderful madness that goes with being a new parent, and features the now infamous strip about parenting that went viral! The book clocks in at 144 pages in glorious color, and comes signed by Dan! 

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    This offer won't last long, and I'm announcing it to my fans first, so you can reap all of the benefits, which include:

    - TWO limited edition prints that will be included FREE with every pre-ordered book! The first print is a special spoof of one of my favorite comics Saga, the second is a special Ten Year Anniversary print, and both are featured in the photo gallery.

    - $5 off the new cover price of $25 for any pre-ordered books! Just use the coupon code "B5PREORDER" at check out! Coupon valid for the first 200 orders!

    Beardo Volume 5 is the FIRST in the series to feature this much new and never before seen material! I've been privately working on this book for the past sixteen months, so 90% of it is certified fresh. That's a pretty good rotten tomato.

    Book will ship in September. Act now, the FREE bonus rewards for pre-ordering are limited!