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Combo Pack Pin+Floppy Cop 2 #1

Combo Pack Pin+Floppy Cop 2 #1


Need a laugh these days? Lord knows I do. Ahead of the retail version of issue one, we decided to make an exclusive print run limited to 100 copies and featuring a special cover with the entire Team Floppy Cop (Seth Damoose, Jay Fosgitt, Milena Deneno and myself) as well as friends and guest artists Ali Cantarella and Gavin Smith contributing one screen each to a "Floppy Zoom" session!


In this option you get the exclusive Team Floppy Cop enamel pin as an add-on for only $5, saving you $5 off the pin's price! It's a beautiful shiny 2" hard enamel pin that lets everyone know you're on Team Floppy Cop!


Stay Floppy, my friends.

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