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Shut Up And Feel: An Adult Picture Book On Emotions

Shut Up And Feel: An Adult Picture Book On Emotions


Definitely not for kids, but sooo for adults.


"This entertaining, spirited work promotes self-improvement in a highly amusing and quirky way."

                                                - Kirkus Reviews


"Corchin’s motivational rhetoric is both comforting, amusingly militant, and aggressively profane, like a friend coming to the rescue in the face of a bully..."

                           - BookLife by Publishers Weekly



Seriously, why should kids get all the cool, f**king picture books?!

Through humor, relatability, and a healthy dose of profanity, “Shut Up and Feel” transcends the boundaries of conventional picture books. This book is for all of us adults.

YOU need social- emotional f**king awareness. YOU need your mindset f**king grown. You are not alone. Hell, you’re not even in rare company. You’re the f**king norm. And if everyone is dealing with their emotions what’s with the stigma over mental health?

Sometimes you just need to take a rage dump or swim in your own bitter tears. Need therapy? Do it. Need medication? Do it. You think the people on social media taking octopus ink-infused suppositories to balance their aura is how they’re really getting through their days? F**k, even the A.I. that gives them their abs is f**king depressed. Listen, read this book. Feel better about yourself and when you think you need to contribute to all the noise out there just shut the f**k up and feel.


Written with a razor-sharp, profanity-laced wit, this book will keep you entertained while making you think. Each page is adorned with beautifully illustrated scenes that capture the essence of relatable situations, making you laugh out loud while hitting you right in the feels. “SHUT UP AND FEEL” combines artistic vibrancy with comedic flavoring, creating a one-of-a-kind validating, emotional experience.  Seriously, it gets you.

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