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Touching Evil 8-14 Beardo Comics Edition

Touching Evil 8-14 Beardo Comics Edition


This is an ultra rare set of the second story arc of Touching Evil (#8-14). I have capped off this set at 50 sets total, meaning I will only allow 50 sets of these to be made and when they're gone they're gone. I'm only letting 5 sets go at a time, as I'm keeping the rest in my "vault" for special occasions. 


Why so few? When Source Point Press picked up Touching Evil, I stopped self-publishing the series under my Beardo Comics label. But I did have to order a small amount of sets to fulfill the Kickstarter for Volume Two. At that time I told everyone I'd cap of the print run at 600 copies, but soon realized I didn't want to be a warehouse for all these comics! So I set a limit: 50 sets total. That's it. 

Each set will be signed by me on the cover in silver marker. You can certainly wait for the SPP version or even buy the hardcover or the trade. But if you're a collector or a super fan, this is for you. 

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