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Traditional Portrait

Traditional Portrait


For people who don't want the digital portraits, I can do traditional portraits as well!


Here's what you get:


- an 8x10" full color headshot of your loved one (or even you, you gotta love yourself too!) done in mixed media (ink, marker and colored pencil on bristol board) and mailed to you! This can be human or animal, whatever you like!


Here's what I would need from you:

- 3-5 photographs of the subject's face, and of course this goes without saying that I hope they're flattering photos of the person! I would also be totally fine with one specific photo if you want it to be exactly like that photo.


- Approximately three to four weeks for delivery, depending on demand. I will confirm with you the delivery date if you'd like to message me first, particularly if this is a time sensitive gift.


If you would like multiple subjects in the portrait or more than just a headshot, simply message me first and we can iron out the details!



  • Return policy

    Since this is an original piece, there are no returns or refunds. 

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